Youngsville might be a relatively small town, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t rich in history and culture. The town’s Southern charm and delicious restaurants might grab headlines, but there’s a lot more to learn about the Youngsville. Here are some notable points of interest about our little corner of Carolina:

Youngsville Isn’t the Town’s Original Name

Incorporated as a community in 1875, Youngsville was originally called Pacific. John “Jack” Young donated land for a train depot and the town’s name was changed in honor of his gift. Of course, bureaucratic red tape meant it took nearly 12 years for the town’s name to officially be changed. Still, Youngsville is anything but young, given its long history!

Tobacco and Cotton Put Youngsville On the Map

Like many towns in the South, Youngsville’s early economy depended largely upon the farming of cotton and tobacco. As farmers expanded their output, businesses cropped up to support them. Warehouses and cotton gins grew the town’s size, ultimately helping to make Youngsville one of the largest tobacco markets in the region.

You Don’t Need to Travel to the Coast for a Drink at the Yacht Club

Downtown Youngsville is home to one of the most uniquely-themed bars in the state. Swing by the Yacht Club Beverage House for a Long Island inspired night on the town. With a wide selection of craft beer and beachy music setting the mood, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation – at least for a drink or two! Bring your pup to hang out in the courtyard, or simply sit back and soak up the whimsical atmosphere.

Cost of Living is Cheap, Quality of Life is High

If you’re not familiar with Youngsville, you might not realize just how affordable living here can be. Compared to the rest of the country, Youngsville’s cost of living is 22 percent lower than average. Lower cost of living doesn’t mean sacrificing quality of life, though. With gorgeous, sprawling parks, excellent schools and cultural opportunities aplenty, Youngsville is an affordable and fun place to raise a family.

There’s a lot to love about life in Youngsville. What are you most excited to share with friends and family about our town?