When it comes to building a custom home, there are many choices to be made. Some are functional, others aesthetic, but all should reflect the habits and values of your household. If you’ve got school-aged kids in your home, you’ll want to create a dedicated space for them to complete homework assignments. Not only will such a spot reduce the clutter of worksheets and textbooks spread over your kitchen table, but it will inspire a sense of ownership in your children. A space they can put their own personal touches on can help homework seem like less of a chore.

A family office might be the first place your mind goes when thinking about a custom homework space. While a centralized home office works for some families, the solution isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. Instead, think outside the box and consider unique spaces in your home that could accommodate a study nook. Some opt for loft beds in the kids’ rooms, with space for a desk and chair underneath. Others look to closets – you’d be amazed at how much space you can gain with a sliding door and a foldable chair.

It’s also worth considering repurposing old playrooms as children age out of action figures and dollhouses. By adding fun furniture like bean bags and video game chairs, you can inspire your kids to return to their old playroom. Paint part of the wall with chalkboard paint to help keep track of deadlines and fill the room with lots of bright lighting. While it might be bittersweet to clear out the baby toys, the entire family will benefit from a dedicated homework space.

Of course, no space would be complete without quality furnishings. Consider a large dining table in place of traditional desks. Such an option would allow kids to spread out – this is especially helpful when working on big projects. While your children may never fall in love with homework, having a special space designed with their needs in mind is sure to help motivate them to complete their assignments.