Spring is officially here! Longer and warmer days have finally arrived, bringing with them the gorgeous natural beauty of springtime in the South – especially here in Youngsville. And what better way to enjoy the changing weather than by getting a head start on this year’s landscaping?

A Strong Foundation

Getting organized and creating a game plan is key to having a great yard. Assess your space, figure out your style, and gather the tools you need. Don’t feel bound to your plans though – sometimes, those impulse buys can make all the difference.

Once you’re ready to start in earnest, you’ll want to begin with a strong foundation. That means raking, weeding, mowing, and generally building up the area. Clearing debris and tidying up your lawn not only creates an inviting atmosphere but is also safer for kids and pets to enjoy. Consider investing in stepping stones, gravel, or other material for paths, and add landscape lights to lead the way home.

Flower Power

Get to work on that garden! Add mulch and soil where necessary, and splurge on fertilizer that will keep your plants thriving all season. Depending on your preference, there are many options for flowers, vegetables, or larger plants, but the key is to decide what works for you. This is both an aesthetic and a practical choice. If you’re unsure what works best for your lawn, bright and colorful selections are always a favorite for springtime. Keep things interesting by choosing a variety of sizes and colors, as well as a good mix of potted plants and those in the ground.

Finishing Touches

Think through how you’ll use the space and what will tie it all together. For the front yard, less is more when it comes to decor. Remember that you want to create an inviting atmosphere, and that means selecting light, classic decor, not distracting clutter. Consider an American flag, a bird feeder, a small water feature, or other such additions. The backyard, however, is your playground – often, literally! Select functional yet comfortable patio furniture that suits your style and needs. Lamps, string lights, and tiki torches are popular lighting options.

Don’t forget to get creative with your lawn and make it a fun project for your family. Put in the time and effort now and you’ll thank yourself later as you enjoy the great outdoors with your loved ones all summer long. So, what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming, gather your tools and work clothes, and have fun!