A North Carolina summer means high outdoor temperatures and an unfortunate increase in your electric bill.

Not sure how to best prepare your home for the heat? Keep cool this summer and save money by using these Summer Home Energy Saving Tips.

HVAC System Maintenance

Summer is always a good time to make sure your HVAC system is running optimally by having an expert perform maintenance.

During spring, it is likely that dust, pollen and other debris may have clogged or blocked the cooling fins on the outside unit of your air conditioner. A great way to make sure your unit is clean and ready to handle the high summer temperatures it to hose off the outside unit.

NOTE: Before you start the cleaning process, make sure to turn off the power first inside your circuit breaker box!
If you’re not changing your HVAC filters every month because of allergies or owning a shedding pet, you need to make a change. It is good practice to replace the air filters in your home every three months. Having dirty air filters could clog up your system and cause your pipes to freeze from overwork.

Inspect Your Windows

Your windows may have collected dust and residue within the window seals in the previous seasons. Clean inside the window seals to make sure they are closing tightly; and make sure you are looking for any torn or missing weather stripping that may need replacing.

We all love the feel of morning sunlight through the windows, but try keeping the blinds and windows closed during the day and open at night to keep your house protected from any unwanted heat.

BONUS TIP: If you’re home is not shaded by trees, you can consider consider planting some. Trees and shrubbery can help reduce your homes energy costs up to 25% if positioned correctly.

Other Household Tips

  • Ceiling and whole-house fans are low-cost ways to keep your home a little cooler.
  • Unplug any unnecessary appliances and electronics when not in use.
  • Make sure furniture or drapery is not blocking air vents.
  • Cook outdoors! The use of your indoor stove or oven can raise your kitchen’s temperature as much as 10 degrees so take advantage of the nice weather.