Whether moving into a new home in Youngsville or simply as additional space for necessary items you can’t yet throw out, we all need self-storage facilities from time to time. Unfortunately, many myths abound that may keep some people from getting the storage they need. We’re here to correct all the misinformation out there and bust some of the most common myths regarding needing extra storage space.

Myth #1: Self-storage facilities are unsafe.

Many people do not get the storage options they need for fear that their possessions will be stolen. News stories of self-storage facilities being burgled are passed around, and negative stories always garner more views and clicks. The truth is that modern self-storage companies employ a wide variety of safety measures to ensure that your belongings are protected. Techniques include mounted cameras, restricted-access gates, lighting systems, alarms, on-site managers, and more.

Myth #2: Self-storage is expensive.

Self-storage does not have to break your budget. Depending on the size of the space you need, you can pay very low monthly fees to keep your possessions in a storage facility. Plus, some modern self-storage facilities offer negotiable rates to ensure that you get the value you need and can afford. Don’t let fear of high expenses drive you away from getting the extra space you need for your treasured possessions.

Myth #3: Keeping possessions in a storage facility is unhealthy.

Some people think that using a storage facility amounts to “hoarding” —especially in the age of Marie Kondo. In reality, storage facilities allow you to keep items you know you will need in the future, furniture or possessions that you plan to sell when downsizing, family heirlooms you plan to pass down to your children, etc. There are many perfectly fine reasons for using a storage facility that do not indicate a problem with “letting go” of a person’s belongings.

Myth #4: Climate-controlled storage spaces are a rip-off.

It is normal to be suspicious of up-selling in a society in which we are constantly marketed to. However, self-storage facilities offer climate-controlled environments in addition to basic storage units for a reason. Valuables like books and artwork can become damaged if they are stored in places that do not regulate temperature, moisture, and other factors. By getting a climate-controlled unit, you provide the maximum protection to your items and help to ensure that environmental exposure is kept to a minimum. Trust your local self-storage facility manager on these matters. Their main goal is to help you store your belongings for as long as you need them to be stored.