Even if you are in a new custom home like those in Cedar Ridge, Fall is the perfect time to tackle a few simple home maintenance projects that will make your winter more enjoyable and prevent some unwanted surprises next spring! 

Outdoor Home Maintenance

Winterize Your Hoses 

Time to drain your outdoor garden hoses and store them until spring! This will save you the worry  of cracked pipes during the cold winter months! 

When freezing temperatures hit, the water left in your hose could freeze, expand, and crack the faucet hookup and/or your pipes. Turn off any shutoff valves for lines that lead to exterior water hookups. By doing this, you’ll help prevent minor leaks that could let water drip. 

Clean Out Your Gutters

As the beautiful colors of the fall foliage begin to change to brown, your gutters will definitely become full and even can become clogged. Full gutters and freezing temperatures can cause frozen dams in your gutters leading to expensive repairs. 

Once the leaves have fallen, check your gutters and remove twigs, leaves, and other debris that may have built up over the summer and early fall. It’s also a great time to make sure your gutters and downspouts are not bent, sagging, and are properly attached. Replace any worn or damaged gutters and downspouts.

To avoid foundation problems, make sure your downspouts are extended at least five feet from your home’s foundation. If they are not, you can add a downspout extension.

Prepare Your Lawn

Start prepping your lawn in the fall for spring before it’s too late. Aerating your soil and fertilizing will help you maintain a healthy, good-looking lawn. 

Aerating your soil helps create extra space in the soil, allowing air, nutrients and water to enter; all while helping the roots thrive. Don’t have an aerator? No problem, you can rent a lawn aerator at many home and garden stores. 

If you want the best lawn on the street, don’t forget to fertilize! Fertilizing your lawn in the fall helps provide energy and nutrients to the roots as they multiply in cooler weather before going dormant. 

Check for Leaks

Air leaks around your home can cause moisture inside your walls and higher utility bills from wasted energy. Grab some exterior caulk and head outside. Check around your home’s exterior and seal any cracks you may see around window and door frames, where pipes and wires enter your home, as well as between your home’s trim and siding. 

Indoor Home Maintenance

Check Your Detectors

When it comes to safety, smoke and carbon dioxide detectors maybe some of the most important items in your home.

With the cooler weather, windows are being closed and furnaces turned on. It’s important to check your homes’ smoke and CO detectors. Batteries can die and detectors can wear out over time. 

Show Your HVAC Some Love

One of the easiest, routine maintenance items you can do for your HVAC system is to change your filters. Skipping this routine step can limit the airflow through your system and end up using more energy than necessary to heat your home. 

Once you’ve checked your filters, it’s time to switch your HVAC system over to heat. Test the furnace and thermostat – you should feel your home heating up within 15-20 minutes. If nothing is happening, you should contact your local HVAC company to inspect your system.

If you’re concerned about your HVAC system, you can schedule an annual maintenance appointment with a heating and cooling pro to do a routine tune-up and repair any issues. Just like regular health check-ups, seasonal maintenance is important for every home’s upkeep.


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