Should I buy an existing home or build a new one? In today’s market, this is a very common question many people ask when they’re starting to search for a new home.

When purchasing an existing home, there is always a chance you may need to repair or renovate; but when building a new home, you can rest easy knowing every single aspect of it will be brand new.

Homebuyers have a lot to consider when choosing between an existing home and a new home.  Here are just a few advantages to building a custom home.


When you build your home, you get to personalize the home to suit your needs and wants as a homeowner.  You have the opportunity to work with a custom home building team to create the perfect home to suit your needs by choosing everything from your floor plan to your cabinet door hardware.

Lower Energy Costs

New homes feature the latest energy-efficient methods and supplies. In return, lowering your utility costs from the day you move in. Buyers can also take the next steps when selecting appliances for your home, by choosing Energy Star appliances

Built to Code

In the construction world, standards and codes are always changing and updating. When building a home, the builder is required to build your new home to the most current, and safe, codes.

Warranty Coverage

Like buying a new car, buying a new home comes with its advantages, such as a home warranty. The warranty that comes with your new home is there to give you peace of mind that your new home has been built properly and your investment is protected. Warranties from builders can cover everything from the foundation and structure to the electrical to even the hinges on your doors!

Building a Community

Building a home in a new community is more than just building a home. You’re building a community among the families who have moved in alongside you, creating lasting friendships and memories.


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